Yin F Lim is a Malaysian-born writer and editor based in the UK.

Yin began her 15-year career as a journalist writing business news and lifestyle features for The Star national daily. She has worked with The Edge Malaysia business weekly and was Founding Editor of Personal Money, Malaysia’s leading personal finance magazineYin was also a UK-based columnist with The Edge Singapore for eight years until 2016. 

In the UK, Yin has mainly worked with universities – including Exeter, Cambridge, Warwick, Surrey & Brunel – supporting academics with their publications and disseminating their research impact through websites, newsletters and books. She currently works part-time managing editorial content for Dataswift, a tech start-up.

Yin holds a Biography & Creative Non-Fiction MA from the University of East Anglia. She is working on a book-length project about her maternal grandmother, who emigrated from China to Malaya as a mui tsai (bondmaid) in the early 20th century. Yin is also a co-editor of Hinterland magazine for creative non-fiction.